Monday, 27 April 2009

Lexical Concordance of the Words In The Quran

The Quran Amazing Nature
he Quran which was revealed about 1400 years ago (The first surah (chapter) was revealed when the prophet was 40 years old about 610 AD. The amazing nature of the Quran can also be observed in the words of the Quran. The Lexical Concordance of the word of the Quran can be checked in the Dictionary of The Quran (Al-Mu'jam Lil Lafzil al-Quran al-Kareem). Normally scholars of Islam use the dictionary of the Quran to locate a specific word in the Quran i.e. which verse and which chapter. However in the Dictionary of The Quran which lists all the words of the Quran, for each word, the number of times it is stated in the Quran is written down underneath the words.

Words starting from the first Arabic alphabet (alif) till the last alphabet (ya) are listed. Among the word listed are the word al-Yaum. The word al-Yaum means The Day but it is in singular form. The word al-Yaum is used in the Quran 349 times. The other word which means day and in singular form is yauma. The word yauma is used in the Quran for 16 times. Just make a simple calculation (349 +16=365). The number of the word day in singular form is used in the Quran for 365 times. Is this a purely a chance that the number of days in a gregorian year is 365 days and the number of times the word day in the singular form is used 365 times. Just ponder!

The word al-Yaum (349 times)

The Word Month

The word month appears in the singular form as well as plural form. The word month in singular form is in the form of as-shahru and also Shahroo. The word as-Sahru is used 10 times and the word shahroo is used 2 times.

Just make a simple calculation (10 +2=12) Is it just by coincidence that the number of month in a year is 12 months and the word month in the singular form is used in the Quran 12 times? Just ponder and ponder

The Word Year
The word year in the Quran appears in the singular form as sanah and in the plural form as sinin. The word sanah is used seven times in the Quran and the word sinin is used 12 times in the Quran.

Why? why? why? the numbers of times the word year is used in the Quran is seven times and the word sinin is used 10 times? Allah know best. But let see the Metonic Cycle . You can just go the the Wikipedia to get the possible explanation of the number of repetitions of the words sanah and sinin.

Are all the words in the Quran follow this lexical concordance pattern?. The answer is no and this does not necessarily indicate that the lexical concordance of the words of the Quran is a mere coincidence. The unique nature of the Quran will slowly be shown to human being in the future!

The word Sabbath

The word sabata means to take a rest on saturday. Saturday is a holy day, a day of rest for Jews and Christians because after creating the universe for six days, the God took a break and rested. So God took a rest on Saturday and so Jews and Christians take break and rest on Saturday. Whenever the Quran mentions about sabata, it is about the Jews. Please check the web at the top right corner of this blog to see the meaning of sabbath

Can anyone of you give me an explanation on the repeatition of the word sabata seven times in the Quran?. Is it just a mere chance that "out of the blue" the word sabata (to rest on saturday) is repeated seven times?

The Ratio Between The Land Mass and Sea
Have a good guess! what is the ratio between the land mass and the sea on our earth? But before you make a good guess, check the repeatition of the word "sea" or al-Bahr and also the number of the repeatition of the word "land" or al-Barr and "Yabasa". Here there are!

The word "Sea" or Bahr is repeated in the Quran 33 times.

The word land or al-Barr is repeated 12 times! wait a minute, there is another word for 'land" or "dry land" in the Quran. The word is yabasa

The word yabasa "dry land" is mentioned one time only!. So now get the ratio between the word Sea and land.

33 /46 (Sea) and 13/46 (Land).

The ratio is 71.74:28.27 , (71.7: 28.3) and now check the web page on the top right corner!. What is the ratio between the land and sea on our planet?.

The Ratio Varies
You might feel perflexed when you read the web that I stated to you . The ratio between the sea and the land is 71:29, not 71.7:28.3 ! Bear in mind that the ratio between the sea and the land is an approximation only. There is no fixed ratio. It is +/- 71 % sea and +/-29% land.

Balance of Other Quranic Words
There are many other words which are in corcordance with each other but not every word is in corcordance.This has to be studied. Why some words are in corcordance and some other are not.